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Introduction to Arduino

A noobs way to roughly understand what an Arduino is.

Rough Introduction
What is an Arduino?
What’s on the board?
What other extra futures can I have?

Digital temperature widget

A small and good looking digital thermometer using the dallas DS18B20 digital sensor and an Arduino pro micro at 3.3v.
Everything is designed to fit exactly and to snap in place, no screws or glue is needed!

LM555 Timer

LM555 Timer From Texas Instruments.
Basic info / Features and what it's used for.

DS18B20 – 1-Wire Digital Thermometer

Basic info / Features for the DS18B20 and info about the connection on the Arduino Uno ,which is used in our Digital temperature widget.

Adjustable Power Supply using cheap eBay Parts

Table of contents.  Introduction  Parts used  Tools  Connections/Schematics Instructions Links for the parts Tips    Introduction  In this guide we are making a cheap adjustable power supply to help us power our arduino projects, the maximum output of the power supply according to the manufacturers of the parts we used should be around...

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