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Low Power, High Accuracy Digital Humidity Sensor with Temperature Sensor from TI 

Functional Diagram


Description (copy from the ti.com site)

The HDC1080 is a digital humidity sensor with integrated temperature sensor that provides excellent measurement accuracy at very low power. The HDC1080 operates over a wide supply range, and is a low cost, low power alternative to competitive solutions in a wide range of common applications. The humidity and temperature sensors are factory calibrated.

Please note that the specific sensor package is a 6WSON (not breadboard friendly).

In order to use it you will have to design a PCB or buy a ready to use module from 3rd party sellers from amazon for example: Amazon.de

A small pcb design example:

Relative Humidity Accuracy (Typ) (%RH)  ±2 
Relative Humidity Operating Range (Typ)(%RH)  0 – 100 
Temperature Accuracy (Typ) (°C)  ±0.2 
Supply Voltage (Min)/(Max)  2.7 / 5.5 
Pin/Package  6WSON  
Average Supply Current (Typ) (uA)  1.2 @ 1 sample/sec 
Interface  I2C 
Operating Temperature Range (C)   -40 to 125 


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