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LM555 Timer From Texas Instruments.



Basic Circuit source: www.circuitbasics.com

Also a good source of information about the 555


Basic info / Features:

  • Direct Replacement for SE555/NE555
  • Timing from Microseconds through Hours
  • Operates in Both Astable and Monostable Modes
  • Adjustable Duty Cycle
  • Output can Source or Sink 200mA
  • Output and Supply TTL Compatible
  • Temperature Stability Better thank 0.005% per C
  • Normally On and Normally Off Output
  • Available in 8-pin VSSOP Package

Used for:

  • Precision Timing
  • Pulse Generation
  • Sequential Timing
  • Time Delay Generation
  • Pulse Width & Position Modulation
  • Linear Ramp Generator

Pin Configuration:

  1. Ground
  2. Trigger
  3. Output
  4. Reset
  5. Control Voltage
  6. Threshold
  7. Discharge
  8. Voltage +

Some Projects on Hackster.io Using 555:

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